Take Action

All over the country, people are organizing to fight the Trump agenda.  After an incredible weekend of marching that motivated millions of people to participate, the next step is clear:  We have to take action at home, right where we live.  Strong, locally-based organizations are the answer.  We must take ownership of the resistance movement in every town and in every neighborhood, because nobody knows our own communities the way we do.

That's why we are focusing our efforts locally.  There are bigger organizations working on the national level with more resources and a better understanding of how to handle the national effort, and we will continue to share information on what they are doing and how you can get involved.  Our focus is the Historic Triangle--James City County, Williamsburg and York County.  This is where we can make a difference.

We want to make sure you have opportunities to get educated and get involved in ways that matter.  We want to help you help us make a difference.  

1. Form a Democratic Cell (DCell).  DCells are groups of about ten friends and neighbors who work together for Democratic issues and candidates.  If you decided to pull together ten people to work together with you on a really fun project, who would they be?  That's your DCell.  We'll provide guidance and keep you up-to-date on opportunities for action for the group, but you decide what the group wants to focus on and how active it will be.  You can register your DCell here.


2. Form or join an Indivisible Group.  The Indivisible Guide was developed by a group of former Congressional staffers and helps guide you through the process of contacting your Congressmembers and making them listen. Download the Indivisible Guide here.

3. Host a house party.  Invite a few friends over and we'll send one of our Board members to talk to your group about how you can get involved.  Email jccdems@gmail.com to schedule a date and time.

4. Volunteer for a candidate. Trump may be our immediate threat, but let's not forget where Virginia's Republican party has tried to lead us in recent history.  It was only a few years ago that the Virginia General Assembly was the talk of national news because of its notorious ultrasound bill.  Just this year, Virginia Republicans tried to copy North Carolina's egregious "bathroom bill." Democrat Mike Mullin is running for re-election as Delegate in the 93rd District, and Kelly DeLucia has stepped up to seek the Democratic nomination for Delegate in the 96th.  Both candidates could use your help.  In addition, we have all three statewide offices on the ballot.  And stay tuned for information on our local Board of Supervisors and Democrats who will be seeking seats.  

5. Help Democratic candidates qualify for the ballot.  In order to qualify for the primary ballot, candidates must gather signatures of registered voters.  We have been asked to help gather signatures for Ralph Northam for Governor, Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor, Mark Herring for Attorney General and Mike Mullin for Delegate. If you are willing to gather signatures from your friends and neighbors, email us and we will get you the appropriate petitions and instructions for your district.  Don't worry about how few or how many you think you can collect.  Even a handful is a help!

6. Take part in our Day of Action (March 25).  On Saturday, March 25, we will be making phone calls and going door to door, talking to friends and neighbors about how they can become active Democrats and resist the Trump agenda. More details will follow.

7. Sign-up for our email list.  We won't send you spam and will keep you up-to-date on new opportunities.  Click here.

There has never been a more important time to be an active, local Democrat!  As your local Democratic party, we are here to help you in every way we can, but we don't have all the answers or solutions. Please keep us up-to-date on your efforts.  And share your good ideas with us!