2017 Goals 

Organize to increase activism.

  • Increase committee membership. 

  • Develop volunteer cadre.

Raise funds to support candidates and committee operations.

  • Membership dues.

  • Banquet and fundraising proceeds.

Support Democratic candidates in the 2017 election.

  • Statewide: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General.

  • Local: Delegates, Supervisors.

  • Use our volunteer cadre for phone banking and manning the polls.

Address community concerns.

  • Research issues that are of concern to the community.

  • Recruit well regarded speakers to discuss those issues.

  • Organize email and phone call lobbying of national & state representatives.

Reinforce a sense of unity among Democrats.

  • Host a Banquet with a well-recognized state leader as speaker.

  • Host a Picnic in September to kick off the fall campaign.

  • Host social events once a quarter.

  • Support social organization of strong democrats by neighborhood.
  • Outreach to groups that are currently under-represented on the committee.